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Enhance Security with Video Security Services

The truth is that most video security systems cannot do more than just passively record criminal activities. Once theft or vandalism occurs, the business owners, managers, and security staff will just react to whatever data is captured by the surveillance systems. By this time, the crime has occurred and this often little or nothing that can be done to undo the criminal act. To curb this problem, Affordable Video Surveillance Systems provides businesses with a better security solution through real-time industrial video camera security systems. Our technicians will take your existing video surveillance system and incorporate our security solution, the ProxALARM System to help stop criminal activities before they even occur.

How Our Video Security System Functions

Our ProxALARM System functions to deter theft or vandalism before break-ins happen. The system can be used as a stand-alone system with a DVR or in combination with the standard alarm system. The systems has motion detectors that see will notice an intruder approaching and will turn the Amber warning lights on and play warning messages for a specified amount of time. In addition, the ProxALARM System can trigger a DVR that will record the actions of the intruder and send the message through email.

Unlike most security camera systems, the ProxALARM System will ensure your cameras meet their full potential and function optimally. Your surveillance camera system will be transformed from just recording video evidence into an actual proactive deterrent system with our commercial security video monitoring service. With our business alarm monitoring, we engage most potential security threats to your business premises with your existing CCTV cameras and loud speakers. Our ProxALARM system is ideal for a variety of premises, including:

  • Fenced Business sites

  • Construction sites

  • Parking and storage areas

  • Fenced in equipment

  • Automotive Sales Lots and many more

The Benefits of Our Proactive ProxALARM System

The ProxALARM System is one of the leading industrial video camera security systems USA businesses trusts. Our video surveillance security system will protect your property even when you are not there giving you ultimate peace of mind. Our industrial video camera security systems USA trusts will keep your property safe to ensure you sleep better at night. We prevent crimes at the commercial property that you have worked extremely hard to build, so you can focus all your time and energy in growing your business. Some of the benefits of our ProxALARM system include:

  • Get 24/7 surveillance with cameras that can clearly see through dust, snow, smoke, and darkness.

  • Audio and visual deterrents such as booming warnings and bright lights that are automatically triggered to help scare off criminals.

  • The installation cost for our ProxALARM system is much lower. Our team will also provide more comprehensive coverage inside and outside the virtual perimeters compared to on-site security guards.

  • Our systems offer more proactive surveillance in all areas of the commercial properly simultaneously using your existing video camera system.

  • We utilize a combination of AI software and human response to ensure your commercial premises are always protected and secure.

  • Our video surveillance technicians are highly trained and experienced to provide exceptional services to our clients 24/7.

No matter the industry you are in, crime is costly for any business. One incident alone may cost your business significantly more than having a remote video surveillance service will. You should never wait for an incidence to happen for you to consider the ProxALARM system. Call us to secure your business today with our proactive video security CCTV installation services that prevent and stops crime instead of just recording it.

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