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AVSS 6 Year Old Analog System Capture


08/06/2018 a dump truck was taking Box Canyon shortcut to the illegal dump at Woolsey Canyon (Fishback). He was riding his brakes instead of using his engine brake to avoid making noise and attracting the highway Patrol's attention. The brakes failed. the driver of the truck took it out of gear, and couldn't get it back into gear. He tried to roll the truck on an embankment and then went across the driveway . The Kenworth super 10 then hit the homeowners trash cans, a guard rail head on, broke water pipes, street light, sheared off a mature tree, totaled a Dodge pickup with a cabover camper when he pushed it down a 20 foot embankment into the neighbors yard. The truck finally stopped after he hit a telephone pole.  Dan R.

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