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Perimeter Security with EMDS

The ProxALARM System

Its’ function is to deter vandalism or theft BEFORE a break-in occurs.  It can be used as a Stand-Alone system with a DVR or in conjunction with a standard alarm system. One or more Motion Detectors sees an intruder approaching and turns on Amber warning lights and plays a warning message for a programmed amount of time plus, it can trigger a DVR to record the intruder’s actions and send a message via email. 

Tags and Wireless Key Fob for arming/disarming of the system.


This is a great addition to your video security system, After hours Exterior Motion Detection System over loud speakers will ward off thieves before they commit the crime.

Perfect for :

  • Parking or storage areas

  • Fenced in equipment

  • Construction sites

  • Automotive Sales Lots

  • Fenced Business sites

  • ect.

Services_Perimeter Systems

PA and Music Systems 

Music and PA Systems Installed by AVSS

Sound Systems
Commercial Audio

Comprehensive Commercial Camera Security Services

Modern businesses face an ever-growing array of safety and security concerns. If you are a business owner, you know that your primary responsibility is to keep your assets, employees, and customers safe and secure. No matter the longevity, size, or clout your commercial establishment holds, any company is at risk of serious security threats. Having quality commercial security services in this day and age is a requirement and not a luxury. Every minute of every day, Affordable Video Surveillance Systems can offer you superior business security services in USA that are ready to protect and serve you, regardless of the time.

At Affordable Video Surveillance Systems, we offer an array of customized commercial security solutions to cater to the needs of different businesses, including monitoring, safety, vandalism, and loss prevention. Our goal is to help business owners keep their companies protected 24 hours every day. If you are ready to safeguard your business, regardless of the company you run, you can contact Affordable Video Surveillance Systems today. Our professional security systems services USA team can customize our services based on the security and protection you require.

Equipment, Security Services, and People for Your Business’s Needs

No two businesses will have the same security needs. That is why when it comes to your company’s security, you need solutions tailored to your unique needs. The Affordable Video Surveillance Systems team provides customized security solutions to meet the unique needs of organizations of all sizes. We combine the right technology, training, and personnel with industry expertise and quick response to ensure every business gets the best security services in USA.

Our security systems team takes a personalized approach to fully understand your unique business needs, starting with immersing ourselves in your mission, values, and culture. We then develop a solution that will meet your needs and anticipate issues. With our USA security system, you are assured of a personalized, proactive security solution that allows you to produce, create, and innovate with your core business. Although changes to your security may be difficult, your transition will be efficient, painless, seamless, and completely transparent.

Our Commercial Security Services

At Affordable Video Surveillance Systems, we offer complete security solutions and aim to offer each of our valued clients’ first-rate service. We provide clients with industry-specific solutions and proactively assist them in addressing their commercial security problems. We will make recommendations for ideal security services in USA and work closely with your business management team to discuss your preferences, needs, environment, and budget. We will also design manuals, procedures, and commercial security systems services USA fully personalized to the standards of your industry and your commercial facility.

We offer the latest industrial and commercial, surveillance and CCTV systems installation services at Affordable Video Surveillance Systems. We offer a full range of security and surveillance solutions and integrated security solutions for new and existing commercial systems.

If you are looking for commercial USA security system services, you can trust the Affordable Video Surveillance Systems experts to help you. For years, we have been the leading provider of competent, experienced, and competent security solutions to commercial establishments across the country. Our team will help you reduce fire, theft, and vandalism risks. You can trust our team to develop customized security services that cater to your unique needs.

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