We offer the latest commercial and industrial, surveillance and CCTV systems installation.  With a full range of security and surveillance installation options as well as integrated security for new and existing commercial systems.

Perimeter Security with EMDS

The ProxALARM System

Its’ function is to deter vandalism or theft BEFORE a break-in occurs.  It can be used as a Stand-Alone system with a DVR or in conjunction with a standard alarm system. One or more Motion Detectors sees an intruder approaching and turns on Amber warning lights and plays a warning message for a programmed amount of time plus, it can trigger a DVR to record the intruder’s actions and send a message via email. 

Tags and Wireless Key Fob for arming/disarming of the system.


This is a great addition to your video security system, After hours Exterior Motion Detection System over loud speakers will ward off thieves before they commit the crime.

Perfect for :

  • Parking or storage areas

  • Fenced in equipment

  • Construction sites

  • Automotive Sales Lots

  • Fenced Business sites

  • ect.


PA and Music Systems 

Music and PA Systems Installed by AVSS

Interior Speaker.jpg