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Affordable Video Surveillance Systems has been helping local business owners, city and state agencies protect their property and valuables since 1983. We are specialists in the sales, installation and maintenance of cctv video surveillance equipment. Licensed, bonded, and insured. 

Lic. # 765594

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We are dedicated to providing you with the best service in the industry and believe that our success depends on satisfied customers. That's why our systems and service are 100% guaranteed.​​

A few of our satisfied customers




  • Marriott Hotel  

  • West Corr Ind.

  • County of Ventura Public Works

  • Grimes Rock Quarry

  • Golden State Storage North Hills, Camarillo, Santa Clarita, Oxnard Ca

  • Waldo Rose Storage  Ceres Ca

  • Underwood Farms


  • Real Estate Management

  • Goldcoast Storage

  • La Quinta Inn & Suites S.B.

  • Waldo Rose Storage, 62 cameras

  • Lucky’s Steak House, Montecito

  • Marriott Courtyard Westlake

  • Joe's Cafe S.B.

  • Brophy's Restarants

  • Benchmark eatery

  • Ventura Police Dept.

  • Oaji Police Dept

  • Pacific Corinthian Marina

  • Del gatos Restaurant Carpetaria

  • SCE

  • Care Vet Hospital

  • Westerlay Orchids

  • Precon Products

  • PODS Oxnard

  • Harwill Ind.

  • Trical Farm Products

  • Mavericks Gym

  • Professional Solar Products

  • Pepsi Cola

  • Orogold Cosmetics

  • PePe's Restaurant Golita

  • United Water Conservation District Ventura

  • YARA, Port Hueneme Terminal

  • De La Salle Elementary School

  • SAN Products

  • Rancho Temescal, Piru Cyn. Rd.

  • After Hours Pediatrian

  • San Roque Pet Hospital

  • Orly Nails

  • Pegasus Transit

  • AG/RX nutrient Farm products

  • Anterra oil

  • Westerlay Orchids Farms

  • WaterWay Plastics Ventura

  • Ventura City Police Dept

  • Harris and Zide Law Firm L.A.

  • D.J.’s California Catering Ventura

  • R.M.D Property Management

  • LA Urban Fitness

  • Café Crepe Restaurant L.A.

  • Pink Motel L.A

  • HMH Property Management

  • Batteries Plus

  • The Canyon Club Agoura

  • Camarillo Storage

  • Danmer Shutter Mfg

  • Eclipse Berry Farms Ventura

  • Diamond Delight Bakery L.A.

  • Me and Ed's Pizza

  • UCSB

  • Kitchell Construction. U.S.

  • Viola Const

  • Party on for Less Thousand Oaks


  • Shasta County Air Quality Control

  • Cypress Bridge Project

  • I-5 Tire

  • Hayes Pipe

  • Turtle Bay

  • Buttes Christian Manor Apartments

  • The Lorenz Hotel

  • Hotel Redding

  • Universal Precast Concrete

  • Mt. Shasta Mall

  • Shasta Discount Outlet

  • Reeve-Knight

  • Traffic Solutions

  • Stanford Hills

  • Pactiv Corp.

  • J.F. Shea

  • Winchells

  • Wellness Center

  • Weed Truck Stop

  • Thunderbird Hotel

  • Sunshine Market

  • Subarama

  • Speedy Gas

  • Space LLC

  • Shasta Recreation

  • Shasta Pizza

  • Shasta County Yard

  • Shasta Cascade

  • Schools:

    • Anderson City School

    • Cottonwood Elementary

    • Red Bluff High School

    • Shasta Union School District

  • Ruby Tuesdays

  • Roundtable Pizza

  • River City Pools

  • Resort Tsadi

  • Redding Police Department

  • Redding Oil Company

  • Redding Grocer

  • Red Bluff Mini Storage

  • Rancho Gas

  • North Valley Hardware

  • Mount Shasta Laundry Mat

  • Lassen Nursery

  • Lassen Nursery

  • Lakehead Marina

  • King Richards

  • Impulse Night Club

  • Horse stables for championship horses.

  • Holiday Inn

  • Hermit's Hut

  • Government:

    • Anderson Police Department

    • Bureau of Land Management

    • California Highway Patrol

    • CalTrans in Fresno

    • City of Montague

      • City Hall

      • Fire Department

      • Maintenance Yard

    • Freeway Cameras

    • Department of Homeland Security

    • Old Shasta Court House Museum

    • Redding Aquatic Center

    • Redding City Hall

    • Redding Police Department

    • Redding Power Stations

    • Redding Water District

    • Social Security Administration, Yreka

    • Social Security Offices

  • Gateway Car Wash

  • Fuji Color

  • Food Distribution Center

  • Fly Shop

  • Dunsmuir Airport

  • Dr. Birk

  • Dannon Water Company

  • Dominoes Pizza

  • Crystal Geyser Water

  • Ace Hardware

Affordable Video Surveillance Systems is a locally-owned, private security company providing proactive, hands-on, and trustworthy security services to state and city agencies, and businesses since 1983. We specialize in the sales, installation, and maintenance of CCTV video surveillance equipment. With over 40 years of combines’ commercial protection and security services, we understand the security risks inherent within business segments and security services required to protect you against the evolution of threats businesses face. We are committed to providing you unparalleled services in the industry since our success relies on satisfied customers.

Professional and Personable Protection

In addition to the value of services we provide, our clients appreciate that our team of professionals conduct themselves compliant with our company’s culture and values, providing an integrated experience for our customers and other people. Regardless of your security needs, you can rest assured that our friendly team will deliver exceptional services.

Experience You Can Rely On

Affordable Video Surveillance Systems is more than just a simple security company. Our leadership promotes unmatched performance, reliability, and peace of mind. Your commercial security challenges will be met with capable security solutions designed to preserve property and life and guarantee business continuity with optimal effectiveness and minimal disruptions.

Those who choose Affordable Video Surveillance Systems, select advanced technology, a proven system of management, and innovative control and reporting systems. Our expertise gives you the ideal program for secure commercial environment. Our security team are carefully selected and trained to be reliable in all ways.

Attentive and Flexible Security

At Affordable Video Surveillance Systems, we understand that the best security solutions for commercial establishments differ based on the industry segments. Even companies within the same industry will have very unique needs. Applying a one-size-fits-all security model may create a false sense of security rather than addressing the specific gaps in your procedures and policies. At Affordable Video Surveillance Systems, you can rest assured that we will never assume the best solution; our team will design a combination of personalized services to address all your unique requirements.

Proactive Protection and Increased Profitability

With our proactive approach to security, we maximize effectiveness and costs of your security services instead of always responding to incidents after they occur. Our proactive security services allow customers to make appropriate decisions to minimize and contain harmful and expensive risks. Our security team will boost your profitability by improving customer service experience, increasing employee morale, minimizing loss and liability linked to workplace theft and violence.

When an accident, natural disaster, or crime occurs at your commercial property, ensure you are ready with CCTV surveillance from Affordable Video Surveillance Systems. Our team are ready to install security systems for businesses and private or state establishments in Northern and Southern California. Our video surveillance systems will not only protect your property and assets from harm but also the lives of people inside your property. Our team has the expertise and experience to help you choose and install a system that is ideally suited to your current security needs and has the ability to expand as your business grows.

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